What Christening jewellery should I buy?

What Christening jewellery should I buy?

Has a close friend or family recently given birth, and has invited you to celebrate their journey into Christianity? If so, you may be wondering what christening gift you should purchase.

Traditionally, guests can buy the little baby girl or boy gifts to symbolise this transition, and a popular choice to commemorate this special day is christening jewellery. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide highlighting the best christening jewellery to buy for the special day.

Christening jewellery

Christening rings

Diamond rings, or signet rings, are a staple christening jewellery gift. However, it’s important to consider when these little fingers will start wearing it – and what lifespan that gives the ring. That’s why most gift givers present a ring which can be worn when little hands aren’t so little – and they can enjoy this stunning gift in their teens and into adulthood more so.

In the meantime, a great tip is to present them with their diamond ring and a necklace chain, so they can wear the ring around their neck until they’re old enough. This will also likely be safer than on their fingers, and they can carry a piece of you with them at all times.

Christening diamond ring

Christening pendants

Choosing a christening pendant or necklace would also be a great gift idea for a little one. As soon as they’re old enough, they’ll be able to wear one of our diamond pendants round their neck with pride, with fond feelings for the gift giver.

Our Alphabet diamond pendants are a classic christening gift, beautifully crafted and adding that extra personal touch to your special present:

Diamond alphabet pendant

Alternatively, choose one of our diamond cross pendants, which beautifully symbolises the meaning of Christianity. This choice provides not only a staple piece of jewellery they can wear when they are old enough, but one that is timeless, too:

Diamond cross pendant

Jewellery box

Another classic idea for a christening gift is to present them with a beautiful jewellery box. What better way for them to store all of their inevitable christening jewellery, and future jewellery to come? A way to make this idea extra special is to have their initials engraved to the box – or even a little message on the inside, so they can open it in years to come and smile.

Tooth fairy box

One of our favourite ideas is to run with the idea of a small intricate gift, and turn our attention to trinkets – a beautifully constructed tooth fairy box is an ideal gift for a christening. One to use in the next few years to come, they can excitedly pop away their lost tooth in the box and wait for the magic to happen!

Christening jewellery for boys

Although christening jewellery may seem like it’s more applicable to little girls, it’s also tradition to provide young boys with christening jewellery, too. Popular ideas for boys’ christening gifts include:

  • Pendants – cross pendants, similar to the above, are a staple gift for a young boy for his christening. Similarly, a St Christopher Necklace is a reliable choice – as this is the symbol for safe travel and protection.
  • Cufflinks – another wonderful idea, providing cufflinks for him for his christening celebration will mean he can wear these on his smart shirts in years to come.
  • Bangles – typically in silver, an open bracelet or expanding bangle is a staple gift for a christening present for a boy.

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