What is the meaning of a promise ring?

What is the meaning of a promise ring?

Promise rings symbolize commitment, worn on the ring finger. They don't need a large investment and can be worn even after engagement. Regular cleaning maintains their shine. Explore diamond ring collections or book an appointment for more options.

What is a promise ring? 

A promise ring is a symbolisation of commitment between two people in love. It is given and worn as an outward sign of fidelity and loyalty to another individual. A promise ring can be given to and received from people of all ages and cultures to show devotion and to nurture and protect a meaningful relationship. It is usually given as a precursor to an engagement ring, although these days it can mean more to people who may not necessarily believe in marriage as a form of commitment.

Meaning of a promise ring 

Nowadays, there can be several meanings of a promise ring for various types of relationships – not just a commitment among lovers.

Before an engagement – this is the traditional reason to give a promise ring. It shows affection and commitment before a formal engagement or officially exchanging vows.

Commitment & Monogamy – this is the most common reason among those who do not believe in marriage as it symbolises a commitment to remaining faithful and monogamous to one another.

Promise to yourself – who says a promise ring must be given to someone else? In today’s society, a promise to yourself can act as a reminder of staying strong during hard times or can symbolise a time where you have remained positive in the face of adversity.

Chasity & Purity – this is more common in specific cultures. Parents give their children a promise ring as a symbol of remaining celibate until marriage.  

Friendship – love does not always have to be romantic; it can also be platonic. A promise ring given amongst friends symbolises a commitment to friendship.

Promise ring FAQs

What finger do you wear a promise ring on? 

Typically, a promise ring is worn on the ring finger. If a promise ring is given and accepted as a sign of commitment before marriage, a person may wish to wear this on the ring finger of their left hand. However, it can also depend on the meaning and reason as to why the promise ring was given.

How much should you spend on a promise ring?

The cost of a promise ring usually is a lot less than an engagement ring or wedding ring. As a general rule, if you are looking at a promise ring as a precursor to marriage, then breaking the bank may not be necessary. Though this can be subjective for each individual, promise rings are usually simpler in appearance than an engagement ring and tends to cost less.

How do you give a promise ring?

Today, getting engaged has become a whole event in itself. From ideation to planning, it can become a lot of work. When giving a promise ring, the general rule is to make this less of an extravaganza. The ring itself symbolises a deep meaning and tends to be more personal for each individual and their circumstances when giving or receiving a promise ring.

Do you still wear a promise ring after getting engaged?

This all depends on what feels best for each individual. Some may decide to wear it around their neck as a necklace, some keep it safe and choose not to wear it, others may decide to swap wearing it on their ring finger on their right hand side or wear it as stackable jewellery. Just like layering necklaces, many choose to layer their rings. The same can be done for a promise ring, engagement ring and wedding band to represent a couple’s journey together.

How do I care for a promise ring?

Just like other jewellery, regularly cleaning your promise ring can make it last longer before any major repairs are needed. If your promise ring consists of diamonds, using warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush can help remove any dirt. You want to avoid using any harsh chemicals that can compromise the surface of the diamond or metal. Although at-home maintenance is encouraged, it is recommended to get your ring professionally cleaned with your local jeweller at least twice a year.

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