What to do in Hatton Garden

What to do in Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is more than London’s diamond district – this luxurious part of London is a popular destination for tourists for having a whole host of fabulous boutiques, chic cafes, and world-renowned jewellers. Find out everything to do in Hatton Garden in our helpful guide.

Hatton Garden history

This prestigious part of town got its name from Sir Christopher Hatton – whom was a politician and one of Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite close advisor. Sir Christopher was gifted a stunning property with a gorgeous garden – the area subsequently became known as Hatton Garden.

Hatton has had its fair share of scandals since – not only did the area become infamous because of the Lady Hatton tale, it was also in the spotlight due to the recent Hatton Garden heist. The heist saw an estimated value of £14million worth of jewellery get stolen – the incident not only made news around the world, but also inspired multiple film and television series. Learn more about the history of Hatton Garden from our detailed guide.

Things to do in Hatton Garden

Leather Lane Market

This historic market is home to 100s of street food stalls, packed full of flavours from all over the world, whether you are craving a delicious bowl of pho or some tasty tacos. Making a quick trip to Leather Lane won’t leave you disappointed.

St Pauls Cathedral

This cathedral is quite iconic – not only has it been around for four hundred years, but this vibrant church is a national treasure. It is home to a spectacular array of art, modern works, and murals. You can book sightseeing tickets, explore their exhibits, or even go to an event. We suspect this may be a very wholesome outing you enjoy.

Take a short walk to Covent Garden

Treat yourself to true luxury in Covent Garden – take a stroll through this picturesque area and eat at some of London’s top dining destinations. Or if you fancy a bit of retail therapy, shop top brands such as Glossier, Free People, Ganni and so much more.

Bustling bars

Looking for a hip and cool bar? Hatton Garden is a little-known secret – whether you are looking for a boozy brunch or a wholesome country-style pub, you won’t be disappointed. Hatton Garden has plenty of beer gardens to spend the afternoon in.

Hatton Garden jewellers

If you are visiting Hatton Garden for the day, why not visit our Hatton Garden store?  Shining Diamonds has an extensive range of beautiful Hatton Garden jewellery – for more information about our Hatton Garden diamondsget in touch with our helpful team.