Vintage engagement ring styles

Vintage engagement ring styles

Your engagement ring is perhaps one of the most treasured pieces of jewellery that you will have in your life. This is why it’s so important to find the most perfect ring that is unique to you – whether that’s the latest 2022 engagement ring trend, or something more unique, such as vintage engagement rings.

Vintage engagement ring styles are perfect for those who are looking for a distinctive ring that characterises both sophistication and edge. In our helpful guide, we will be going through the most celebrated vintage engagement ring styles through the bygone eras.

Victorian engagement rings

Oval and Round 3 Stone Diamond Ring

Victorian engagement rings were often yellow or rose gold, and included rows, clusters or halos of diamonds. The use of pearls also featured quite frequently, as well as the blue enamel design – this was because blue was Queen Victoria’s favourite colour, so it was quite the fashion.

The Oval & Round 3 Stone Diamond Ring captures the Victorian essence perfectly, and the three-diamond design is thought to be symbolic of past, present and future.

Edwardian engagement rings

Vintage Round Cut Halo Diamond Ring

Edwardian engagement rings are characterised by their metal fabrication – in this era, you can see gorgeous lace metalwork reflecting the ‘la belle Epoch’. Many of the rings starred diamonds which were placed on platinum bands.

The style of ‘milgraining’ was also very popular – which is jewellery design technique where small beads of metals are used to create borders. Our Exquisite Vintage Round cut Halo Diamond Ring showcases the beautiful milgraining technique that was in style at the time.

Art Deco’ engagement rings

Round & Baguette cut Vintage with Milgrain Cluster Diamond Ring


Art deco engagement rings are distinguished by both abstract designs and geometric patterns. This could be done with diamonds, or with gems of contrasting colours.

This fashion was most popular during the roaring 20s and has most certainly made a comeback – and our favourite art deco ring is the Round & Baguette cut Vintage with Milgrain Cluster Diamond Ring. This vintage design uses smaller diamonds to formulate the glistening effect of one big diamond.

60s engagement rings

Radiant Cut Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring


Many of the engagement rings of the modern era are inspired by the 60s – this decade brought us Asscher-Cut diamonds, platinum bands and pear-shaped cuts. It’s hard to find one engagement ring that characterises the whole of the 60s.

Perhaps, the most talked about engagement ring was the ring of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor – who impressed everyone with her dazzling diamond rock. Looking for a similar ring that takes centre stage? The Radiant Cut Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring is for you – this simplistic band highlights the beauty of the emerald-cut diamond.

Vintage engagement rings from Shining Diamonds

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