Non-diamond engagement rings

Non-diamond engagement rings

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they don’t have to be in your engagement ring. In fact, there are many unique non-traditional engagement rings to choose from. You will be spoilt for choice! In this guide, we explore a range of diamond alternatives that will complement your wedding ring perfectly. 

Examples of diamond alternative engagement rings


Split Shank Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring

Sapphires were a popular choice after Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. The blue sapphire of this ring choice is so enchanting, making it a gorgeous centre stone. If you’re looking for a replica of Kate’s engagement ring, you will love our Split Shank Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring – this bespoke design flawlessly combines a bright blue sapphire on a bed of diamonds.


Pear Ruby Gemstone Designer Shank Halo Ring

The stunning ruby has connotations of luxury and passion – that’s why we think it makes an ideal engagement ring. Aside from the connotations, the ruby is also a beautiful gemstone and will dazzle anyone. We love the Pear Ruby Gemstone Designer Shank Halo Ring – the pear cut design adds a touch of sophistication to this ring.


Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring

We just adore emerald and think it makes a regal engagement ring. One of our favourite designs is the Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring – this ring is one of our most popular alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings. The deep colour of the emerald centre stone creates a truly enchanting style for any wearer.


Tanzanite & Diamond Design Elevated Halo Ring

Tiffany & Co. declared tanzanite to be one of the most beautiful stones to ever be discovered in 2,000 years and, here at Shining Diamonds, we most definitely agree! If you are looking for an engagement ring to wow loved ones, you will love the Tanzanite & Diamond Design Elevated Halo Ring – this glamorous ring features a large Tanzanite in the centre surrounded by miniature diamonds, serving as the perfect ring for brides who love a splash of opulence. 


Designer Emerald Shape Morganite & Diamond Single Halo Ring

Though it is more of a unique gemstone choice, the morganite is of astounding beauty, demonstrating beautiful fiery tones. What makes the morganite so unique is the orange-pink colour of this jewel – if you are looking for a stand-out engagement ring, you will love the Designer Emerald Shape Morganite & Diamond Single Halo Ring. This beautiful design combines glamour and elegance to create jewellery which lasts for a lifetime. 


Multistone Emerald Aquamarine & Diamond Ring.

Aquamarine is one of our favourite diamond alternatives – this gorgeous diamond alternative glistens in almost every light. If you are looking for a show stopping engagement ring, you will just love the Multistone Emerald Aquamarine & Diamond Ring. This elegant design showcases a centre aquamarine accompanied with two stunning diamonds on either side.

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, have a browse through our fabulous collection. We have both an array of diamond and non-traditional engagement rings to choose from. If you need some expert advice, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team, or pop into our Hatton Garden store to view our non-diamond engagement rings in person.