Top 10 largest diamonds in the world

Top 10 largest diamonds in the world

Most diamonds are found small. Majority of the diamonds trading right now are of 1 carat or less. But at few rare historic moments there are some large diamond discovered. So large that they put 99.99% of the world diamonds to shame.

We’ve borrowed an infographic to show you the top 10 largest and most famous diamonds. All of the 10 biggest diamonds ever have been found in Africa – and 7 of the 10 in mines in South Africa.

The 10 largest diamonds in the world – An infographic from


The Cullinan I at 530.20 carats is certainly impressive, but not many know that it was actually a part of a much larger diamond when it was found. The original diamond of eye-watering 3,106.75 carats was cut into 9 diamonds (Cullinan I to Cullinan IX).

The biggest cut diamond is the relatively unknown Golden Jubilee. A brown diamond that was found in 1985 in South Africa and now belongs to the royal family of Thailand.

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