Guide to the most unique wedding rings

Guide to the most unique wedding rings

Getting hitched and looking for unusual wedding rings that break away from tradition? Or perhaps you’re wanting you and your partner to stand out from the crowd? Our guide to the most unique wedding rings has you covered.

Unique wedding bands

Wedding rings are a personal choice – and should reflect your taste and values perfectly. Here at Shining Diamonds, as well as providing traditional wedding rings for couples, we also supply a range of non-traditional wedding rings – giving couples the chance to break away from social norms and find a set of wedding bands that are unique to them and perfectly emulate their love for each other.

Looking for the perfect unique engagement ring to match your alternative wedding ring? Our guide on how to choose a unique engagement ring has you covered.

Unique wedding rings for women

By browsing through our range of unique wedding rings for women, you’ll find a collection of both modern and vintage rings – catering for a variety of styles and preferences.

Choosing the metal

When it comes to choosing the metal for your wedding band, this is an opportunity to go against the norm and choose something a little different to traditional conventions. Yellow gold is a staple wedding ring choice – but opting for rose gold or platinum adds a level of modernity to your choice immediately. Learn more about the best metals for wedding rings, and which one would be the perfectly unique choice for you.

Diamond set

Looking for a bit of sparkle? Our diamond set wedding rings provide a unique look for a wedding ring while encompassing a slick look to complement any engagement ring. Our diamond cut crossover wedding ring denotes the notion of eternity, while our diagonal set round cut diamond wedding band adds sparkle in all the right places – but in an elegantly simple twist.

Gemstone wedding bands

Adding a splash of colour to your wedding rings is also an unusual wedding band choice, which could be perfect for those looking for alternative wedding rings. Before you choose, brush up on your knowledge of gemstones and their meanings – so you can choose a gemstone wedding ring that means something special to both of you.

Shaped and designer wedding rings

Our set of designer wedding bands add a sense of sparkle to anyone’s jewellery box – choose from a variety of designs, such as our leafy round cut half eternity ring, or for something flashier, our round cut vintage half eternity ring is the perfect choice.

Alternatively, our shaped wedding bands are also a great choice for women. Wishbone wedding ring styles – such as our round cut diamond shaped wedding ring – offer variety to your wedding band, and allows your engagement ring to effortlessly sit with your band to create an elegant look.

Unique men’s wedding bands

As well as women’s, we also supply a wide variety of unique men’s wedding rings to choose from.

Choosing the metal

Again, choosing the desired metal for your wedding band is likely to distinguish whether your ring is unique or more traditional. Choosing a white gold or platinum wedding ring is a solid choice for men – as this moves away from the traditional yellow gold and creates a more modern look which you can match with your loved one.

Diamond set

If you’re looking for something flashy yourself, there’s a wide range of diamond set men’s wedding bands to choose from. For something sparkly yet simple, our flat court princess cut flush diamond wedding ring is the perfect fit – which can be selected in a range of wedding band metals, too. Alternatively, our round cut diamond set wedding ring adds a dimension of sparkle to your male wedding ring.

Found the best unique wedding rings for you? Simply select the product of your choice for purchase. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to view your unique wedding rings in person, visit our Hatton Garden showroom.