Five Most Famous Diamond Ring Designs

Five Most Famous Diamond Ring Designs

When purchasing a faultless diamond ring, it is important that not only fits in with your budget and style, but manages to represent everything you love or find special about your relationship. Whether you are planning on popping the question, or looking to buy the perfect diamond ring gift for yourself or a loved one, we have something for everyone. While there is the cutcolourcarat and clarity to consider,let us inspire you to find the perfect ring with a round up of the most famous diamond ring designs. 

Blue Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring



In 1981 Charles Prince of Wales proposed to Lady Diana, gifting her with an oval-shaped blue sapphire ring, surrounded by a halo of tiny solitaire diamonds placed on a white gold band. Prince William then gave his mother’s ring to Kate Middleton when he proposed in 2010. This has a true symbolic meaning and the timeless design is one we all love. 

Blue Sapphires signify celestial hope and faith and are believed to bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. This makes blue sapphires not only a truly beautiful ring, but also a meaningful gemstone fit for a royal. 

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Baguette Eternity Band



Marilyn Monroe’s famous baguette eternity band was gifted to her by Joe DiMaggio on her wedding day in 1954. The ring was complete with 35 baguette cut diamonds covering the entire band. The simplistic yet elegant design is exactly why the design is still so popular today. 

Eternity rings are usually given to mark a special occasion, this can be anything from an elaborate valentines gift, to an anniversary present or the birth of a first child. As a common symbol of infinity, a timeless baguette ring will be well treasured by anybody. 

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Emerald Cut Diamond Ring



Beyonce was gifted an 18-carat stunning emerald cut diamond ring from Jay Z when they got engaged. The incredible size of the diamond makes a beautiful yet dramatic statement. The classic shape and simple band enhances the incredible size of the diamond and the spectacular sparkle.

The emerald cut is a vintage style diamond that are rarer to find in comparison to other shapes. Having fewer facets, it displays the clarity of the diamond beautifully. 

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Pear Cut Diamond Ring



Victoria Beckham leads a fairly extravagant lifestyle – and her ring collection is not shy of showing it. Her pear-cut diamond on a platinum pave band is a true showstopper, perhaps one of her biggest rings weighing a huge 17 carats. 

Pear cut diamonds are famous for their incredible sparkle. With many facets radiating light, the shape is distinct and beautiful. Due to the elongated shape, the pear cut can enhance the diamond’s carat by making it look a lot bigger than if it was cut into another popular shape. A truly unique and beautiful style of ring. 

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Radiant-cut Diamond Ring



Jennifer Aniston’s spectacular radiant-cut diamond ring has caught the eyes of thousands when making various appearances on the red carpet. Gifted by Justin Theroux, the 8-carat diamond placed on a yellow gold band is truly beautiful. 

Radiant cut diamonds typically have 70 facets – showcasing true brilliance. 

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