Our favourite heart-shaped engagement rings.

Our favourite heart-shaped engagement rings.

Since Avril Lavigne showcased her heart-shaped engagement ring on Instagram, so many people have been obsessed with this engagement ring style. What better way to represent everlasting love than a heart made out of diamond? In this blog, we will be looking through our favourite heart-shaped engagement rings.

Heart cut diamonds

Heart cut diamonds are one of the most historically popular diamond cuts – it is thought the style emerged in the 16th century when Mary Queen of Scots gifted one to Queen Elizabeth I. Since then, heart-shaped diamonds have been seen as a sign of friendship, loyalty and love.

Heart-shaped engagement rings

Modern Heart Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring

This sophisticated modern heart cut ring is perfect for showing all your love and adoration. We recommend this ring for those who love understated and simplistic jewellery, as the thin frame of the ring really draws attention to the heart shaped diamond cut.

Heart cut Halo Diamond Ring


If you are looking for a heart shaped design with a bit more bling, you will love the stunning heart cut halo ring. This ring encases the large heart cut diamond in a crust of smaller diamonds, really adding an element of glamour. To finish, the band is also decorated with extra gems to really finish this look.

Heart Solitaire Diamond Ring

This heart shaped diamond engagement ring contains a thicker band than its counterparts, creating an elegant look. We really love this ring design in a gold band, as the contrasting colours add an element of understated glamour.
If you are looking for the ultimately blingy engagement ring, you will love this Heart Halo diamond ring. This ring comprises of a stunning heart cut diamond encased by a bed of diamonds, the twisting design of this ring band adds an extra layer of glamour to the ring.

Heart engagement rings from Shining Diamonds

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