Anniversary gift ideas

Anniversary gift ideas

Celebrate a life of everlasting love with our wide range of jewellery gift ideas. Whether you’ve been married for most of your life or have just begun your marriage story, we have gifts for all the anniversaries! Find the perfect present for your loved one in our helpful guide today.

Tin anniversary: 10 years

A decade of love… time probably seems as though it has flown by on your 10th wedding anniversary. Traditionally, the gift of choice would be tin to celebrate this anniversary – as tin represents a sturdy metal that won’t rust and lose its shine over time. Tin is also thought to represent strength and resiliency.

However, in more modern times, diamonds are seemingly the gift of choice, and for good reason! Somehow a tin just doesn’t have the same flair. We recommend the Designer Double Halo Diamond Earrings – this beautiful pair of diamond earrings are certainly a gift to remember. 

Crystal anniversary: 15 years

Your 15th anniversary is celebrated with crystal – to represent the sparkling love between your pair. What can be more sparking than a beautiful diamond bangle? Our Micro Pave Channel Set Diamond Bangle this luxurious and sophisticated design is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. If this is your fifteenth anniversary present, we look forward to seeing the 50th! 

Platinum anniversary: 20th years

You may feel your 20 years has flown by! Why not celebrate with the finest jewellery money can buy? Traditionally, platinum is the gift of choice and, it is very much still in style. We just love these Brilliant cut Drop & Hoop Diamond Earrings as a 20th-anniversary gift. 

Silver anniversary: 25 years

Being married for a quarter of a century is a great achievement – adorn your love in silver jewellery as tradition states with our glorious range of designs. We especially recommend the VEGA Graduating 7 stone Round cut Diamond Eternity Ring – this stunning piece of jewellery is one of the most popular shapes amongst our ring buyers. Not only for its gorgeous diamond design but also its comfortability, making it suitable to wear for the next 25 years!

Pearl anniversary: 30 years

To commemorate 30 years together, pearls are traditionally given as a gift. However, for many couples today, some may feel that pearl is just a touch old-fashioned. Instead, many opt to gift diamonds.

For a gift she will remember, the Emerald cut Aquamarine Single Halo Earrings is a perfect choice – the aquamarine is cut into an elongated shape and surrounded by small diamonds. This gift is both elegant and perfect and is a nice variation to the traditional pearl custom. 

Ruby anniversary: 40 years

Red ruby is thought to symbolise love and passion – and this anniversary gift might be the prettiest yet! To capture their heart once again, we highly recommend gifting the Square Halo Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring. This rich gemstone is surrounded by glistening diamonds and makes the most glamourous gift. 

Sapphire anniversary: 45 years

Sapphire is commonly associated with royalty and is believed to attract abundance and blessings – as this deep dark blue stone makes beautiful jewellery. We recommend the Round cut Blue Sapphire Double Halo Pendant Necklace – this pendant is effortlessly beautiful and adds the perfect splash of colour to an otherwise traditional design. 

Gold anniversary: 50 years

What better marks half a century together than a beautiful golden ring? Traditionally, gold is gifted on your 50th anniversary, this precious metal is thought to symbolise wisdom and prosperity. Our Emerald & Baguettes 3 Stone Diamond Ring has the most beautiful intricate design – adorned with three diamonds that symbolize the past, present and future.

Diamond anniversary: 60 years

In the words of Shania Twain “Looks like we made it”, sixty years is a very long time, so this anniversary deserves a showstopping gift. And what better than diamonds? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and she will be blown away by the Round cut Designer Diamond Pendant – this designer style is dazzling with diamonds, and is truly something special. You may want to find the perfect diamond earrings.

If your search for the perfect anniversary gift continues, you may want to visit us at our Hatton Garden store. Alternatively, contact our helpful team for more information.