Why Brighton is a Great Place to Buy Your Engagement Ring

Why Brighton is a Great Place to Buy Your Engagement Ring

Brighton is one of many cities and towns in the UK that has a rich jewellery history. It’s also home to the world’s oldest operating electric railway (Volks Electric Railway), the Royal Pavilion, the BA i360 Viewing Tower and Brighton Pier.

The Lanes is synonymous with Brighton’s jewellery industry as many jewellers continue to operate in that part of the city centre, which includes Shining Diamonds. Our Brighton showroom opened in December 2022 and is home to a stunning collection of diamond engagement rings.

We explore why Brighton is a great place to buy your engagement ring.

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A Brief History of The Lanes in Brighton

As our showroom is situated in Brighton’s Lanes, it has a rich history that spans a couple of centuries. 

Originally a fishing village during the Middle Ages, Brighton’s Lanes was seen as an area of interest in the mid-18th century due to the belief that sea water had medicinal properties. Following from that medical breakthrough, Brighton’s popularity grew as more visitors visited the town.

In the early 19th century, the Royal Pavilion was built in 1831, thus creating work for people living in Brighton. While the iconic pavilion was being constructed, The Lanes emerged as a destination for buying and selling antique goods. This part of Brighton city centre today is home to a thriving jewellery industry, with many independent jewellers operating in the area.

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Enjoy a Spot of Fish and Chips by the Beach

When you think of Brighton, you instantly think of Brighton Beach and Brighton Pier. 

If you enjoy water sports, such as kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding or beach sports such as volleyball and frisbee, then there’s no shortage of activities to do on Brighton Beach. If you don’t want to do anything active, then you can relax on the beach while you soak in the sunshine on a hot summer’s day.

Once you’ve indulged in plenty of kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, you can enjoy a spot of fish and chips right on the beach.

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Home to the World’s Oldest Operating Electric Railway

Brighton is home to the world’s oldest operating electric railway, Volk’s Electric Railway. The electric railway has been in operation since the late-19th century and has transported passengers across the mile-long beachfront railway line for more than 100 years. The train starts from near Brighton Palace Pier and runs all the way to near Brighton Marina.

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View Brighton from the Sky at the BA i360 Viewing Tower

Since opening in 2016, the Brighton i360 (known as the BA i360), located right next to the West Pier is the world’s tallest moving observation tower. The tower offers a breathtaking view of Brighton, making it the perfect way to spend a romantic day out with your partner.

When you and your partner board onto a flight pod, it’ll then glide 450 feet into the air, giving you incredible views of the Brighton skyline and the coastline. After your trip in the pod, you can enjoy some food and drink at the West Beach Bar & Kitchen, situated at the base of the tower.

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Create an Unforgettable Proposal with an Engagement Ring from Shining Diamonds

No engagement proposal is complete without an exquisite engagement ring to confirm that you and your partner are officially married. Before you buy your engagement ring in Brighton, you need to make sure you’ve done your research to ensure you buy a piece of jewellery that reflects your love for that special someone in your life.

When it comes to asking that all-important question, let our experts help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring to propose to your partner with. Book an appointment at our Brighton showroom today and we’ll help make your engagement dreams come true.