A guide to bridal party jewellery

A guide to bridal party jewellery

One of the first things brides do after getting engaged is select who will be in their bridal party. Ultimately it is your day, and whilst there are traditional wedding party roles, it is up to you and your groom to decide who will be playing a special part in your big day. But who’s who, what role will they be playing, and what will they be wearing? With your bridal party selected, it’s time to accessorise. From statement pieces to classic keepsakes – our guide has you covered.

For the bride  

Whilst your engagement ring and wedding band will be the main focus, some brides choose to accessorise their gowns. There are no rules to this as it all comes down to personal choice, but there may be some things you want to consider.

Sleeves or sleeveless

Depending on the length of your sleeves on your wedding dress has – if it has any at all – you can decide whether to wear anything on your wrists. Whilst some brides may decide to wear a timeless piece like a watch to capture the precious time they were wed. This may also be part of their ‘something borrowed’ or ‘something old’.  Many other brides may choose to wear a simple diamond bangle or tennis bracelet.

Know your neckline

If your neckline is low or even plunging, you may want to wear a delicate chain or a simple pendant in a diamond cut. Some brides may choose a statement necklace or no necklace at all. Depending on how religious or symbolic your wedding may be, a cross pendant is also an option for some brides to consider.

Veil or no veil

Some brides may opt for a veil. Whether it be long or short, can also determine how they style their hair. You may choose to go for a pair of simple diamond stud earrings or for a pair of elegant drop earrings for that added wow factor.

Round Stud Diamond Earrings

For the mother of the bride  

What’s more fitting for the mother of the bride than mother of pearl? These luminescent beauties are a timeless classic and exude elegance. Not only do pearls go with every style of dress, they also go with every colour – a perfect choice for the mother superior.

For the father of the bride  

Sentimental accessories for the father of the bride such as diamond cufflinks or a sophisticated watch can make a suit or tuxedo that bit more personal. Engraving these will also make a great keepsake for you to look back on as a special reminder to an important day.

For the maid of honour  

Typically, the maid of honour will be a best friend or sister. This role is of high importance to the bridal party and will differ in jewellery or accessories to the bridesmaids. A gemstone pendant or a birthstone necklace can make a beautiful keepsake. A simple diamond bracelet to match the bride as a sign of friendship can also be a great choice to represent the role and duty of the maid of honour.

Oval Shape Blue Sapphire Single Halo Pendant

For the bridesmaids  

For the chosen bride-tribe, the first choice that comes to mind is friendship bracelets – the ultimate bridesmaid jewellery keepsakes. Initial or alphabet pendants offer that personal touch whilst also adding an elegant touch that can compliment any dress. With an adjustable chain and silver, gold or rose gold to choose from – there is something for everyone.

B Alphabet Pendant

For the flower girl  

What’s more fitting for the adorable flower girl or girls, than an adorable butterfly or flower pendant keepsake? Take it up a notch by engraving the sentimental piece so that they will always remember the special part they played in your big day.

Round cut Designer Flower Diamond Pendant

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