Ladies Flat Court Wedding Rings

At Shining Diamonds, we are dedicated to providing our cherished customers with the absolute best wedding rings available. Our hand picked selected comes in a variety of forms and materials. We have a range of widths in 9k or 18k white gold, yellow gold or Platinum. These rings have a contemporary flat look with a comfortable court fit on the finger.

The flat court wedding rings have a flat exterior and rounded interior for added comfort to the wearer. We believe comfort is important as the wedding ring is among few things that last a lifetime which is also a direct link to a wedding ceremony.

Wedding rings have a long and colourful history. Ancient Britons would wrap grass around the fingers and wrists of the bride to symbolise the union of souls. The temporary nature of this act was changed by the Romans who started using metal, not only because it would last a lifetime but because metal could feature all manner of decoration.

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