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While the princess cut itself is a relatively new diamond shape, the history of the engagement ring is long and coloured. The Ancient Egyptians used to wrap a wire around what is now known as the ring finger, the tradition evolved in Europe in the form of grass wrapped around the wrist and waist to symbolise the union of souls.

Half eternity rings have a row of diamonds set on top half of the ring. It has many practical advantages compared to full eternity rings. Another benefit of the half eternity diamond ring is that you can put bigger stones in it. This makes for a more dazzling display of diamonds.

With Shining Diamonds, we believe the most romantic and infinitely luxurious gifts to be that of a diamond ring. Our beautiful range of princess cut half engagement rings is handpicked by our team of expert to guarantee that our cherished customers are given the most appealing selection available.

Princess Half Diamond Eternity Rings

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Princess Half Diamond Eternity Rings


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