11 Beautiful Gemstone Engagement Rings: Alternatives to Diamond Rings

11 Beautiful Gemstone Engagement Rings: Alternatives to Diamond Rings

Diamonds are still considered as girl’s best friend, but this might not be true for every girl. Although diamonds are timeless, beautiful and considered as most classic and traditional choice for engagement rings, the colored gemstone engagement rings trend is taking-off.  If you’ve browsed pinterest or instagram recently, you’ve probably understood how popular are gemstone jewellery. With increasing options (Colors and different shades) available for gemstone engagement rings to suit all styles, they have become strong alternatives to diamond rings. So we went ahead and rounded up some beautiful gemstone engagement rings from our collection.

1. Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring



This beautiful ring features blue sapphire gemstone in the centre surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds in 18k yellow gold halo setting. What’s not to love about this beautiful blue sapphire & diamond halo ring? Starting price from £499.

2. Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Halo Gemstone Ring



This pear shaped sparkler features 18k white gold halo setting that perfectly complements the pear cut blue sapphire in the middle and surrounding brilliant cut diamonds. This is more than perfect for anyone who would love some fresh alternatives to diamond rings. Starting price from £379.

3. Deco Round cut Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring



This ruby engagement ring is made all more beautiful with diamonds surrounding it, all meticulously set in 18K yellow gold setting. Available to customise in white, rose gold and platinum. Starting price from £419.

4. Princess Cut Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring



Those who want an one of it’s kind ring will fall hard for this square shaped ruby and diamond three stone ring. This three stone ring will stand to celebrate your past, present and future. Perfectly handcrafted in 18k white gold with ruby in centre and round cut diamonds on either side, this ring is sure to add color and bring sparkle for your bride-to-be. Starting price from £609.

5. Deco Round cut Ruby Cocktail Diamond Ring



You’ll fall in love at first sight if you are one of those who appreciate vintage designs. This art deco design with a mix of ruby in middle and diamonds surrounding it and along the band is one-of-it’s kind ring. A popular choice among millennials. This beautiful master piece set in 18K yellow gold starts with £829.

6. Split Shank Emerald & Diamond Halo Ring



Romantic brides will love this split shank ring with a emerald gemstone in the centre surrounded by small brilliant cut diamonds offering a larger look, all set in 18K white gold. This beautifully crafted ring is available with starting price from £1489.

7. Emerald Gemstone & Diamond Halo Ring



This 18k yellow gold emerald gemstone modern ring featuring a diamond halo surrounding beautiful emerald gemstone is a stunner at an affordable price. Available to customise in white, yellow and rose gold along with platinum. Starting price from £639.

8.Emerald Halo Ring : Most popular choice in alternatives to diamond rings.



This emerald & diamond single halo ring is the perfect pick for those who don’t like larger settings. The simple thin band halo settings in 18k white gold makes this right choice for minimalist brides. Starting price from £939.

9. Tanzanite & Diamond Three Stone Ring



For those brides who want to symbolise togetherness with past, present and future of couple, this 18k white gold tanzanite & diamond three stone ring is one of perfect alternatives to diamond rings. This subtle beauty of the tanzanite gemstone in the centre is complemented by brilliance of diamonds on either side. Starting price from £1,269.

10. Double Halo Tanzanite & Diamond Design Halo Ring



This 18K white gold double halo tanzanite halo ring is one of popular alternatives to diamond rings for those who like rings with larger look. With octagon shaped setting and split shank band, this sparkler gives a modern and royal look. Starting price from £4,339.

11.Designer Pear Sides Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring



The blue sapphire in a modern setting says it all. This sapphire stunner is complemented by diamonds on either side all set in a perfect nature inspired setting makes this ring a showstopper. Starting price from £1,159.

Inspired with beautiful gemstone engagement rings? Can’t say no to these beautiful sparklers? Let us which one of the above is your favourite in comments below. Also checkout our other article on Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and how to get the look.