5 Facts About London Hatton Garden

5 Facts About London Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden in London is one of the world’s most famous locations. Its fame stems from being considered the eminent jewellery quarter in the heart of Britain’s capital. Many people consider Hatton Garden jewellery to be the best on the market in the UK. The street and commercial area is based in the area of Holborn that is part of the London Borough of Camden and is considered the centre of the entire diamond trade within the UK. Its reputation brings visitors from all around the world, with many wishing to purchase some of its finest pieces on offer.

What makes this incredible location so interesting? Shining Diamonds have compiled 5 facts about Hatton Garden:

1. Hatton Garden was named after Sir Christopher Hatton

Hatton Garden is named after Sir Christopher Hatton, a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I who reigned from 1533 to 1603 – giving this area a long history! Hatton was a favourite of Elizabeth I and he established a mansion in the area. This mansion stayed in the family before being built up into a lavish residential place during King Charles II’s reign.

2. The first ever Hatton Garden retail store opened in 1962

The first ever retail jewellery store to be opened in Hatton Garden happened in 1962. Laurence Graff of Wittelsbach-Graff opened his own shop after a career that started as an apprentice in a jeweller’s workshop. The area has had a long associated with the colour green – hence its name – due to its famed areas of greenery. Amongst this land was an extensive network of tunnels that were home to many workshops and factories.

3. Hatton Garden has a lot of shops and businesses based in the area

The area is home to over 300 businesses and over 30 shops, which makes it the largest cluster of jewellery retail outlets in the whole of the UK. Despite its association with jewellery, you will find many other businesses residing there. Many creative and advertising agencies can be found here including the world famous Grey Global Group.

4. Hatton Garden inspired Charles Dickens

Fans of Charles Dickens might be familiar with the slums depicted in his famous novel, Oliver Twist. The streets surrounding Hatton Garden were used as the inspiration for these poorer areas. Hatton Garden has had a lot of development since but the area retains this history. You can explore this for yourself on the excellent Charles Dickens pub walk!

5. The Machine Gun was invented in Hatton Garden

The UK is known for its many inventions and Hatton Garden is also home to a well-known creation. The machine gun was invented in the area by Sir Hiram Maxim. He had a small factory in Hatton Garden back in 1881. It was first designed and produced in this factory where it was able to fire 666 rounds per minute.

Hatton Garden is bustling part of a city where something is always happening. If you ever visit this famous place, be sure to visit our Shining Diamonds showroom and browse our stunning collection of engagement ringsdiamond ringswedding rings and other pieces of impeccable jewellery. Buying a piece of Hatton Garden jewellery will create a memory that will last a lifetime. Contact us today for more information.