Cushion Cut Diamond Pendants

The cushion cut diamond used to be known as the “mine cut” diamond, and whilst this particular diamond shape may seem fairly new, it has been around for centuries. This cut, featuring straight sides and rounded corners has between 58 to 64 facets, and in the 19th century both diamonds and gemstones were cut into this shape, due to its popularity. You’ll often find the cushion cut diamond as a central stone in halo engagement rings, and look stunning when they’re surrounded by other sparkling gemstones.

When you buy a cushion-cut diamond pendant from Shining Diamonds, you can pick the metal and carat weight, enabling you to create a bespoke piece of jewellery. Enhance your look (whether it is day or night) with a stunning cushion cut solitaire diamond pendant and matching diamond drop earrings, or go for something different and choose an initial diamond pendant with small cushion cut diamonds. Cushion cut gemstone pendants with sparkling diamonds surrounding them will also look truly spectacular, and become a treasured item in your jewellery box. Take someone’s breath away when you give them the perfect gift.

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