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Emerald Cut Diamond Studs

Emerald Cut Diamond Stud Earrings from Shining Diamonds are available at the request of the buyer. Just as you can with any of our jewellery, you can choose from our radiant selection of precious metals to create your own pair of sophisticated emerald cut diamond stud earrings. You can even request a free sample to ensure it is perfect for you.

A pair of Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings are the ultimate accompaniment to any luxurious outfit. Timeless and elegant, these diamond studs are perfect as a gift for your loved one, or as the finishing touch to your night out. With the diamond held in place by either platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold clasps, there are various options to match your style. Stud diamond earrings are simple statement pieces, but can make or break any outfit.

Emerald cut Diamond Studs

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Emerald cut Diamond Studs


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