Royal Engagement Rings – The Rings of the Princess Brides

Royal Engagement Rings – The Rings of the Princess Brides

It’s no secret that Sovereign Families all over the world own a jaw-dropping jewellery collection. From the Crown Jewels belonging to Queen Elizabeth II to the elite jewellery pieces from India’s Maharajah, it’s all enough to make us emerald green with envy. When Meghan Markle revealed her spectacular three stone gold diamond engagement ring crafted from the late Princess Diana’s jewellery collection, we were once again inspired and a little jealous…

With the Royal Wedding just around the corner (19th May to be exact), we expect to see this stunning diamond and yellow gold trilogy ring turn heads. This beautiful diamond engagement ring with a central cushion cut diamond from Botswana is expected to cost between £70,000 to £120,000

In the spirit of Harry and Meghan’s impending nuptuals, we thought we’d look at some of our favourite engagement rings throughout the current reigning monarchs history (we also had to add Grace Kelly’s beautiful ring in there – it’s incredible!)




Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Who? The Queen Mother & King George VII – 1923

Prince Albert ‘Bertie’ proposed to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923 with an Oval Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring set in Platinum. Bertie and Lady Elizabeth’s love story is incredibly sweet – he initially asked for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage in 1921, but she turned him down. Adamant that Elizabeth was the love of his life, he refused to marry anyone else. The couple said their vows in Westminster Abbey and had two daughters, Elizabeth II (later on Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret. Elizabeth stopped wearing her Sapphire and Platinum engagement ring after the death of King George VI in 1952 – she swapped it for a pearl ring.



Emerald and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.

Who? Wallis Simpson & King Edward VIII – 1936

80 years before Prince Harry got down on one knee and proposed to Meghan Markle, The Duke of Windsor chose to abdicate the throne and marry American Divorcee Wallis Simpson. Edward was one of the shortest-reigning kings in British history. Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s relationship caused controversy, and the 20 carat gold Cartier emerald engagement ring with a diamond leaf setting was just as contentious. However, the couple were married for more than three decades, until the Duke of Windsor died in 1972.



Diamond and Platinum Pave Engagement Ring

Who? Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip – 1947

Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Philip of Greece fell in love when Elizabeth was just 13 years old. The couple were secretly engaged in 1946 but the King wanted the engagement delayed until after Elizabeth’s 21st birthday. Their engagement was officially announced on 9th July 1947. Prince Philip created Elizabeth’s spectacular diamond ring from a diamond and aquamarine encrusted tiara that was given to his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg as a wedding gift. He created a brilliant round cut diamond with five pave diamonds in a platinum setting. It is the only piece of jewellery (alongside her wedding ring) Queen Elizabeth II wears every single day.



Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Who? Lady Diana Spencer & Prince Charles – 1981

The ‘People’s Princess”, Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles announced their engagement in 1981. Charles gifted Diana with an Oval Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by Diamonds. At the time of the proposal the ring was thought to be worth £28,000. The couple said their vows in St Paul’s Cathedral on 29th July 1981.  The televised wedding ceremony attracted a global audience of 750 million. The couple separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996, after the birth of their two children – Prince William and Prince Harry.



Vintage Baguette Diamond Ring

Who? Prince Charles & Camilla Parker-Bowles – 2005

Camilla and Charles had a very controversial relationship as it was revealed that five years into Charles and Diana’s marriage Camilla and Charles were having an affair. Scorned by the public, the UK didn’t think a re-coupling would ever be on the cards. However, they defied all odds and announced they were in a committed relationship in 1999. In 2005 Charles proposed to Camilla with a family heirloom of the Windsor’s – The Queen Mother’s 1920’s platinum six diamond baguette engagement ring. The central Princess Cut diamond is flanked six diamond baguettes. They married by a Civil Ceremony in Windsor Guildhall.



Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Who? Kate Middleton and Prince William – 2010

Kate Middleton and Prince william announced their engagement in 2010, nine years after they met. Prince William gave Kate a family heirloom – his late Mother, Diana’s blue and diamond sapphire engagement ring. The couple’s wedding ceremony attracted a lot of media attention across the globe and became a public holiday in the UK. The ceremony was watched live by tens of millions more around the world, including 72 million live streams on YouTube.



Emerald cut Diamond with Diamond Baguette

Who? Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III – 1955

After meeting Grace Kelly during a photoshoot at the Palace of Monaco, Prince Rainier III proposed to Grace Kelly in 1955 with a diamond and ruby Cartier eternity band. However, after the Prince had seen extravagant styles of engagement rings popping up in Hollywood, he got Grace a second engagement ring that’s estimated to be worth £3.1 million. The 10.5 carat Emerald Cut central diamond has two baguette diamonds on the side.

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