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Explore our gorgeous range of lab grown diamond pendants. Our beautiful diamond pendants perfectly replicate naturally mined diamonds in their chemistry, properties and physical appearance. As they are man-made, lab diamonds are significantly more affordable than their mined counterparts and the demand for them has soared over the past few years. Shining Diamonds have produced an eclectic range of stunning lab grown diamond pendants. To browse our range, simply decide on the perfect diamond pendant for you and select our 'lab grown diamonds' option.

What are lab diamond pendants?

Lab grown diamonds , which are often referred to as man-made or artificially created, are diamonds which have been created in a laboratory setting. The conditions in this laboratory are specially engineered to perfectly emulate the natural process of a diamond’s growth. As natural diamonds can take up to 3 billion years to grow, this lab setting has been developed to provide the option for beautiful diamond pendants to be created through a much faster process – this is why jewellery featuring lab grown diamonds are significantly more affordable than their naturally formed counterparts.

Why choose a lab created diamond pendants?

Lab grown diamonds are increasingly popular among jewellery buyers, offering exceptional quality and impressive sparkle. So, why should you choose a lab diamond pendant over a naturally mined diamond?

  • Brilliance and beauty - as these lab diamond pendants are man-made, with the same chemical properties as natural diamonds, they offer the same brilliance and sparkle as mined.
  • Responsible choice - no mining is required for the source of these diamonds, making them an ethically responsible choice.
  • Value - usually, lab created diamond pendants tend to cost around 30% less than natural diamonds of the same quality and size.Often people believe that there is a difference between lab grown and mined diamonds, but this is not the case! They have the exact same properties, the difference in price comes only from rarity.


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Can I finance a lab diamond pendant?

Yes - diamond finance on a lab created pendant is possible with one of our many diamond finance options with a 0% interest fee. Our plans range from 6 month to 36 months, with varying interest rates.
For more information on our man made diamond pendants, get in touch with an expert now – or visit us in store at our Hatton Garden showroom.