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Searching for a new pair of diamond earrings? Why not consider a lab grown diamond? Shining Diamonds has a stunning collection of beautiful man-made diamond earrings – perfectly emulating naturally mined diamonds in both physical appearance and chemistry..

That’s why, here at Shining Diamonds, we offer an eclectic range of stunning lab grown diamond earrings. Simply decide on the perfect diamond earrings for you and select our ‘lab grown diamonds’ option.

Lab diamond earrings vs Natural diamond earrings

People often assume that lab grown diamond earrings are not the same as naturally occurring diamonds. However, lab grown diamond earrings, which are often referred to as man-made or artificially created diamond earrings, are created in a lab which has been engineered to perfectly emulate the natural process of a diamond’s growth. Therefore, any diamond grown in the lab is technically exactly the same as a natural diamond that has taken up to 3 billion years to grow – they have the same physical appearance and chemical properties. Manufactured diamonds provide the option for beautiful lab diamond earrings to be created with a much faster process.

Why choose a lab created diamond earrings?

Lab grown diamond earrings are becoming increasingly popular due to their exceptional quality and impressive sparkle at a significantly more affordable price. So, why should you choose lab diamond earrings to don your ears?

  • Value - lab created diamonds are more affordable with man-made diamonds costing around 30% less than natural diamonds of the same quality and size.
  • Responsible choice - mining is a major source of carbon emissions. As there is no need for mining required for the source of these diamonds they are a much more ethical option.
  • Brilliance and beauty - as these lab diamond earrings are man-made, with the same optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, they offer the same brilliance and sparkle as mined.


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Can I finance lab diamond earrings?

All diamond earrings from Shining Diamonds are available on our diamond finance. You can choose from one of our many finance options available to repay your lab diamond earrings in monthly instalments with various diamond finance options with a 0% interest fee. Our plans range from 6 to18 months, with varying interest rates.
For more information on our man made diamond earrings, get in touch with an expert now – or visit us in store in our Hatton Garden showroom.