Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

A true sign of love and devotion is one that lasts forever. With diamond solitaire engagement rings, a classic eternal message is conveyed.

At Shining Diamonds you’ll find only the best in the solitaire diamond product range. Hand-crafted in Britain, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our diamonds which are certified and conflict-free.

The solitaire diamond engagement ring is a timeless way to say the simplest thing and begin a long life of happiness with your loved one. All rings are available in yellow, rose, white gold and platinum, and each ring is topped with only the best diamonds.

In Ancient Greek and Roman times, diamonds gained popularity as an expression of love and in the fifteenth century they became widely associated with courtship. The early twentieth century saw a rise in popularity for platinum rings featuring the solitaire cut and today a range of other cuts are available.

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